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How To Prepare Yourself For Winter Blues

Winter is coming – we are excited for cozy evenings with hot tea, cookies and candlelight! Unfortunately, the coin has two sides, because there will be also rainy days and cold, dark nights. If you are a weather-sensitive person, you will definitely fall into the winter blues, questioning your current life situation, career path, relationship and every decision you have ever made.

You can really suffer during this season. Let’s face it and think about ways how we can cheer ourselves up. Let’s prepare for winter blues!

Tip 1: Do special activities that are limited to winter season

When you notice that your mood is continuously decreasing, do activities that are only possible during winter time. Why? You will see and feel things that you are not used to. Your mind is challenged and there is no space left for destructive thoughts.

Here are some ideas: cook a stock bread or a steak in your fireplace, go sledging and ice skating, bake a gingerbread house with your friends, build a snowman, collect pine cones, drink hot buttered rum, wear your grandma's funny winter coat on a workday, make a winter movie marathon…

Tip 2: Top up your vitamin D storage

Your body gets vitamin D naturally from the sun, but there is a lack during winter months in central and northern Europe. When your vitamin D storage is empty, your health is affected and you will suffer from tiredness, bad moods, depression and even infections.

Here are some sources to get vitamin D:

- Eat sorts of fish that contain huge amounts of vitamin D, such as eel, sardines and herring.

- Take a short sunbath in a solarium (not too long – cancer alert!) and invest in a light therapy box.

- Use your remaining vacation days and fly to a sunny destination for a long weekend.

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Tip 3: Move your body and sweat

When you exercise, your body is flooded with endorphin. However, nobody likes to run outside when it is dark and cold. Start a gym membership and make yourself go there once (!) a week. It's important that you start it as a casual, occasional hobby. Don’t force yourself four times a week – where is the fun in that?

We can fight the winter blues together, when we don’t deny its existence!


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