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Forgive or not to forgive?

There are some things that are hard to forgive. Do you know the feeling of holding on to your frustration because you just can't let go? Weeks and months go by, but the pain is rooted deeply inside of you.

However, there is a simple reason why you should forgive even the most horrible incident and let go of that hurting feeling – no one but you is still aware of it! No other person is suffering but yourself. You are the only one who is fighting all those inner battles.

As soon as you practice forgiveness, you can free yourself from all those negative feelings. It may sound harsh, but you have to do it to set yourself free. Even if the other person has not apologized or is no longer alive, you must let go of the grudge to ease your soul.

Buddha once said that holding on to anger is just like throwing a glowing piece of coal at someone.

You are the one who gets burned

When you want to let go of your grief without facing the other person, there is a simple trick: write a letter! No worries, you don’t have to actually send the letter. Feel free to keep it in your drawer, destroy it or show it to a trusted friend.

Sit down and describe the reasons for your pain, anger and sadness. Write it all down. Let it all out without holding anything back.

At the end of the letter, explain why you can finally forgive your tormentor:

I forgive you because I no longer want to live in anger and fear.

I forgive you to set myself free.

I can forgive you because you probably weren’t able to react in any other way.

You weren’t capable to do anything different back then.

Write down everything that has accumulated during the last years. Scribble down all words that come to your mind. Once you phrase it and see the words on paper, most of your anger will be transformed into relief.

Let’s get rid of that burden! Why? Because you are a wonderful person who deserves to shine. Your beloved ones want to see the “real” version of you with a freed soul.

Stand up for yourself, and wish your tormentor Bon Voyage!


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