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Smartphone Addiction: 5 Tips To Get Your Life Back

Let’s face it – we are all addicted to smartphones. It is the first thing in the morning (“Which global leader texted me on WhatsApp?”) and a great distraction on our train ride to work (“Who saved the world on Instagram?”).

There is an instant relief when you grab your phone. Why? When you deal with your smartphone, you don’t have to deal with your inner trouble. The voice in your head is quiet – at least for a while.

As a blogger, it’s difficult to discuss smartphone addiction. Yes, I want to be connected with you through this device, sharing trends, thoughts, ideas and issues. However, I don’t want you to lose the most precious thing you have – the present moment. I don’t want you to miss the here and now because you spend hours on Instagram or in a nonsense WhatsApp discussion (…that would never have happened in real life, because you would have read your friend’s nonverbal signals).

With these tips by my blogger friend Marina you can take a step back and enjoy your lifespans without WiFi:

1. Wear a watch

Many people don’t wear a watch because they can check the time on their smartphone. It’s a trap! You do not only look at the time, but also at your emails, your group chats and the latest updates on Facebook… Start wearing a watch!

2. Use an alarm clock

Why should you use a manual alarm clock when you have a smartphone? The answer is simple: Otherwise you open your eyes and immediately stare at the display. Messages are popping up and little red notifications are screaming at you "OPEN ME!". Buy an oldschool alarm clock. From now onwards, the first thing you see will be the sunlight!

3. Delete your Facebook app

Take a moment and think about your Facebook app – why do you open it? You don't use it to make important calls or write urgent messages. No, you just want to kill time and scroll down your feed. Is it really that important? You can read the news on more dedicated websites. When you want to make an announcement (“Looking for a room…”), just use your laptop.

4. Turn on 'flight mode'

Some apps cannot be switched off – they will display the little red number, no matter what you do. Take a break from this 24/7 reachability and turn on your flight mode. You will see: There is a calm and harmonious life outside your smartphone universe.

5. Use a flip cover

This tip is very simple but most effective: Use a nice phone case with a flip cover. Your display is always covered and you are not disturbed by flashing lights. This is very convenient, especially around bedtime. Your eyes can adapt to the darkness and you can prepare yourself for a good rest.

So here is my solution: Let’s treat our smartphone like a flower meadow! Let’s enjoy family groups on WhatsApp and all those lovely Instagram comments from strangers. Let’s thrive on all colorful inspirations, quotes and ideas that are available on the World Wide Web. However, there is a point when you have to leave the meadow. You have to go home to eat, sleep, work, and cuddle your friends.

Yes, it is important to leave the flower meadow. At a certain point, you might still see the flowers, but no one else can see you anymore!


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