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Do You Have Too Many Interests? You Are A Multipotentialite!

“What should I do with my life?” This question can make you go crazy, because there are unlimited job opportunities in the digital age.

Many people get nervous when it comes to their future. This is not surprising if you consider the time one is dealing with the question: What do you want to be when you grow up? Small children have inspiring answers such as “astronaut” or “ballerina”. Imagine one child would say: “I would like to become a dancing teacher and fly into space to be an astronaut.” Every adult would answer with a smile: “No, you have to decide”.

Society makes us believe that each individual has one life goal. But what happens if you want several things at the same time? Some people have too many interests: They speak four languages, are interested in politics and are true number-cracks. The US author Emilie Wapnick named them "multipotentialites".

Multipotentialites go into one direction and dive deep into a certain area – and then they are suddenly bored, dissatisfied and want to try something new. Society has always told them that they have to stick to one thing. Thus, the question of their vocation becomes sheer madness.

Emilie Wapnick says: It is okay to want several things at the same time. Are you a multipotentialites? Congrats, then you have great abilities! You can develop new ideas from intersections of different areas. You learn extremely fast, as you are often and intensively involved in new topics. You can adapt extremely well to new situations. And by the way, flexibility is one of the top priority in today's professional world.

We need to understand that some people were born with multiple vocations. Let’s eliminate the idea that we only have one true destiny. We should explore our inspections and make something great out of them!

Andrea Bruchwitz

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