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Do You Still Know The Feeling To Cry Out Of Gratitude?

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Life is all about happiness. Everything we do has the purpose to make us feel better. Every bite we eat and every goal we want to achieve has the purpose to make us happy. Everyone wants a life full of positive emotions and happiness.

However, we often forget that we are responsible for our happiness. We blame other people and make our happiness dependent on external parties - and when they disappoint us, we are angry, disappointed and sad.

Here's a fact: Our wellbeing is our responsibility! Nobody can overtake this task. We can be happy regardless of our bank accounts or our circles of friends, because happiness is an attitude and therefore a decision. We can even practice being happy - by training to focus on the positive stuff in life. Here are three tips!

1. Gratitude

Gratitude is the major key! If we recognize what we already have and list all those things, a wonderful feeling arises. We have so much to be grateful for - but often we take these things for granted and do not pay any attention. Anyone who can read this text can be grateful: healthy eyes, a functioning body, a warm home and clothing. Isn't that wonderful?

In order to change the focus, we must realize how much we already have. it is helpful to start a small gratitude journal. Take a book or your smartphone notebook and list every evening that you are grateful for - even the little things. It will make you feel better.

2. Movement

Movement is a magic treatment against bad mood. Whether we are dancing or jogging, physical exercise gives us energy, strengthens the immune system and silences the inner voice in our head. We can feel the body! In addition, happiness hormones such as serotonin are released.

MindfulMag - So wirst du glücklicher

There is no need to become an athlete to create this feeling. Just move your body. If you are not a sports person or generally not a fan of movement, ask your "cozy" friends what they do in their free time. Zumba? Biking? Yoga?

3. Meditation

You don't believe that sitting in silence can make you happy? Yes, absolutely! Meditation is an incredibly powerful tool to train your happiness. In the beginning, it is difficult to just sit there motionless and concentrate on breathing. If you have just begun meditating, your thoughts are likely to be spinning. But that's all right, because meditation is a process. It is definitely worth it to try to and stay tuned.

When we "turn off" our thoughts and simply EXIST, we give our body and mind the possibility to make a reset. Meditation relieves stress, helps with anxiety, increases concentration and trains your ability to focus. It helps you to live in the here and now and to enjoy life.

MindfulMag - Blog für mehr Achtsamkeit

It is not difficult to learn happiness. All we need lies deeply in us. Let's keep this in mind: We are responsible to walk the path to harmony and happiness. It cannot be found out there - it lies in our souls. Let's listen to that inner voice and follow!

From our author Marina Pau, who inspires people to learn and love themselves.

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