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Make Your Dreams Come True - You Hold The Key

When you ask people about their primary goals in life, they usually have a similar agenda: wealth, happiness and being loved. Holding the key in their hands, they cannot recognize that they already posses all these things. Are you one of them?

Wealth, happiness and love - you already have all of this

Wealth is not a matter of your gross salary. You can be the richest person in your country and simultaneously feel depressed, alone, sad, unloved and uncomfortable with your inner thoughts and feelings. People with amazing lives look at other life circumstances - bigger houses, faster cars, more exciting businesses - and only see the "sparkling labels". The person underneath can be angry, tired, bored and disillusioned, even on the highest achievement level… can you see it?

Open your eyes and be aware of what you have. Other people might look at you with the same approach and ask themselves why you have such a frown in your face. Were you angry this morning because your coffee machine broke? Well, other people admire you for your nice home, your car, your job and your steady income. Guaranteed! So don't complain about things that other might perceive as desirable gifts.

Happiness and love are self-created

Smile when you enter the train and someone steps aside. Or even better, be (!) the person who's stepping aside first. You cannot buy happiness or love, it’s actually easier: You can create it anytime with your thoughts and actions in a situation of your very own choice.

Are you searching for a caring partner who can love you with all our flaws? Well, how can any other human being ever fall in love with you when you complain about your flaws all the time? Do you have a list in your mind with all the stuff you hate about yourself? If yes, how can you expect another person to overcome this hate and to love you deliberately? How is that supposed to work? You have to love yourself in the first place to build a solid base for love.

Musil said: „If you cannot love yourself in a well manner, you cannot love other people. A healthy self-love also implies being kind to other people. Self-love is not egocentric, it’s simply an act of kindness and friendliness.“

Don’t look at all the things you dislike and focus on the things that make you happy. Have a closer look and see yourself as you want other people to see you. You are beautiful. There is a scar on your arm that tells a story? Love the story behind it and laugh about it. It’s a part of your life.

Your smile is unique in the whole universe

Your eyes are the gate to your soul. Your smile is naturally beautiful - when you smile, it comes back at you. Smile at yourself, every single time when you look into a mirror. You are beautiful; and your beautiful smile is a single phenomena in the whole universe - no other person is able to smile like that. Reflect on this fact and appreciate your unique gift.

Open your heart for the love around you. Many people add warmness and richness to your life - it’s their way of giving love, can you see and appreciate that? Lean back and breathe in all those unique facets of love. Have a closer look at the trillions of miracles in other people’s faces, expressions, actions and thoughts. Feel the sparkling shine of this floating uniqueness. We all should do that. Every day.

In love,

Jessica and Andrea

More about Jessica’s wonderful thoughts on her website Mein Notizblog


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