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Be A Happy Single - Enjoy Your Wonderful Free Life

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Are you desperately looking for a partner? Why? As a single you can discover amazing possibilities and re-invent yourself. Our single expert Nadine Kretz has a refreshing view: "As a sinhle, you can explore hidden talents and travel spontaneously. Most people have a limited time frame due to their partners, children or pets have doubts - singles are free."

Enjoy your free time to the fullest, before perhaps the right partner might knock on your door someday. How about a list of experiences that are on your bucket list:

  • sex with a stranger

  • bungee jumping

  • learn diving

  • visit a monastery

  • meditate

  • ride an elephant

  • record a song

  • see a new continent

The author shows an aspect that is only reserved for singles - endless freedom to design your life: "You have plenty of time for your friends and for spontaneous activities. So change your mindset and write down everything you want to do - as crazy as it may sound. Live your dream and conquer the world.

We always believe we have all the time in the world - but that's not true! There is no perfect partner to make you happy - it can only be found in yourself. "This is also true for people who are already in a relationship: nobody will deliver us a package of happiness. Self-love is the key, because every human being is a unique masterpiece of nature. In a little while, you will expand your positive feelings by sharing them with someone - even if it's your best friend who stops by for a glass of wine.

Our single-expert Nadine Kretz is an inspiring author and coach. You can find more valuable tips at

Protocol: Andrea Bruchwitz


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