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Getting Older - Why It's The Best Thing Ever

From a biological point of view, women have reached their physical peak at the age of 25. From this year onwards, the body continuously decomposes. Ouch!

Most of the women I know HATE getting older. Why? Well, because the beauty of youth seems to fade away and all those young, promising candidates are showing up in the office. Additionally, every tiny life step is evaluated in direct relation to age:

You are thinking about having kids? You're almost 40!

What do you want to do for a living? Oh no worries, you're only 22.

Well, you can talk. You still have a healthy body, you're not even 35.

Wait a moment! Is there a law saying that our age limits our possibilities in life? Why do we have such an entrenched view on aging?

On my 25th birthday, I demonstratively put the 'aging' topic into my personal I-do-not-care-drawer. I found a great idol: My favorite author Louise Hay started her career at the age of 60. In the following 30 years she had sold more than 50 million books and founded the worldwide operating publishing house HAY HOUSE.

Let's not focus on what we have not (yet) achieved in life. Our age is only a two-digit number, no more and no less. The real indicator of life quality is attitude, because there are energetic, unmotivated and dusty people in their twenties, as well as laughing, hearty and energetic life enthusiasts in their seventies. In fact, many scientists, philosophers and artists have achieved their greatest successes after the age of 65.

You hold your life in your own hands. Don't waste your precious energy to negate aging. Let me tell you one thing: It's going to happen anyway!

Make your peace with getting older

Remember that you can take every life step consciously and initiate every desirable action. Every new day brings another lesson that will last for a lifetime. You get more comfortable with yourself - with your complicated way of thinking and your physicality. You can move ahead more easily and effortlessly. Think about what you can explore, learn, build up, implement, create or experience before you reach the age of 90.

Let's do this together! How unfortunate it would have been if 60-year-old Louise had said that she was already too old to start a small publishing firm…

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