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More Work, More Money, More Consumerism

With numerous books, articles and even documentaries on the topic, minimalism has become quite a trend. But why? It’s simple: we are experiencing information overload. Everyone is constantly bombarded with content from the moment they wake up in the morning until that last scroll through Instagram before bed. And with targeted advertising getting better and better (and creepier) every day, our lives are consumed with stimulating impulses.

Anything can happen anywhere, at any time. We can communicate with each other around the clock, organize appointments and make purchases. Nowadays, our minds have to absorb five times as much information as in 1986.

Unfortunately, this overwhelming pace is also reflected in our crazy consumer behavior. On Black Friday we buy random clothes and electronics that we actually – GASP – don’t need. As soon as a sale label sticks to an object, we are immediately triggered to rationalize the purchase.

As a consequence, we work even harder to enjoy our small, comforting rewards. Most people are not even aware of this tragedy: our standard of living usually increases with each salary increase. As soon as our income grows, our house is embellished, the kitchen renovated or the car replaced. “Keeping up with the Joneses” may satisfy in the short term, but after a few years it leads into a grueling endless loop: more money - more consumption - more work - more money...

ATTENTION: Burnout syndromes, depression, panic attacks and obsessive-compulsive disorders are quite common these days. It’s time to get out of the hamster wheel and back to a self-determined life.

We have to stop the carousel and ask ourselves: why is it so difficult to let go of certain things? What is really important in life? What do we want to surround ourselves with? What kind of people, attitudes and living conditions do we enjoy?

This is exactly where aesthetic minimalism sets in. From now on, we consciously avoid mindless consumption, unnecessary expenses and useless objects in order to answer the most essential questions.

Let's stop this consume race! Enough is enough! I'd rather have one high-quality sweater than 50 sweaters that I cannot wear in a life time. I'd rather have one amazing handbag in my favorite color than five bags that are supposed to be "trendy" this season. We don't need more stuff. We are not slaves of consumerism (unless we decide to be).

Farewell hamster wheel!

Do you like this article? This is an excerpt from my book "Perlen statt Plunder" (English title: "Pearls of Power").


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