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Christmas Parties & Family Reunions: Our Favorite Looks

Our favorite season has begun! You can already smell the sweet odor of Christmas markets and inhale the scent of hot spiced wine and almond biscuits. Additionally, Christmas season reunites you with old colleagues, friends and beloved family members – and there will be plenty of pictures! What a great occasion for a glamorous styling!

Look 1: Big City Girl

Every woman has at least one Christmas staff party in her calendar - with her department or with the whole company. You cannot go wrong with dark jeans, a golden pullover and layered braids. Voilà, here is a casual business chic with a tint of gold!

Pullover: Zara. Pants: Hallhuber. Shoes: Hugo Boss. Bag: Calvin Klein.

Tip: Use an eye shadow that matches parts of your outfit. It is a subtle, but very effective statement.

Look 2: Fancy & Glittering

There are occasions where you just have (!) to dress up. When you know that every guest will look super fancy and fashionable, a glittering sequin dress is the perfect choice.

Dress: Zara. Shoes: Topshop. Socks: Falke.

Katja created a voluminous, pull-through braid and embellished it with a small black ribbon. Merry Christmas, everyone!

A little black dress is always the safest option - just add some pink lips and plateau boots to make the look more exciting!

Look 3: Royal Chic

Prince Harry might be in a stable relationship now... but there is still hope for all of us! Here is our "Royal Chic" for Christmas.

This is a super elegant look for special “high end” evenings. When you wear royal colors such as ruby red, emerald green or indigo blue, you naturally have a regal attitude.

Dress: Zara. Shoes: Stuart Weitzman. Tights: Falke.

However, you have to avoid the "old fashioned" appearance. Just add a little twist: Katja transformed a classy banana up-do into a messy version and created fabulous smoky eyes.

Let’s enjoy the magic of Christmas together and celebrate as glamorous as we can. We wish you unforgettable Christmas parties – and we are excited to see your looks!


Katja & Andrea


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