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Do You Feel Stuck, Bored Or Numb? Define Your Inner Wishes!

I do not really like the concept of Christmas wishes. As I have explained in my recent article about nerve-racking Christmas shopping, we should aim for quality time with our beloved ones instead of moving clothing, jewelry and electronics around. Science has proven that buying or owning more stuff will not change your level of happiness on a permanent basis. However, the concept of Christmas wishes made me think about the meaning of WISHING itself.

We all have ‚inner wishes‘ for our ideal profession. We wish for a meaningful job or for a new acquisition that might shift our live quality (such as a giant wooden table to gather our friends around). Eventually, we wish to be appreciated by others and to be loved, and finally we aim to love ourselves so much that our minds become quiet. Indeed, the final wish is always to live with a smile on your face, to be content and satisfied - a life without fear or threats.

I realized that my intimate friends and mates always had the same underlying issue when life did not mean much to them. When they did not really care and felt stuck, trapped, bored, numb, without a calling or as if they lived in a hamster wheel - they forgot about their inner wishes!

Why is it so important to have inner wishes?

If we do not have any of those, there is definitely something wrong with us. Life is going to happen anyways, and we are wired in a way that we need to look towards a certain direction. The more numb we feel inside, the more we ignore our true wishes. Do not get me wrong: This is not about a mystical ‚calling‘ or ‚the reason why you are born‘! There are too many irritating concepts of ‚finding your destiny‘ because it tells people that there is a personal mission to fulfill - and they might never uncover this giant secret and feel devastated. No, your true wishes are inner lights that keep you going; they are fun, interesting, full of energy, challenging and teasing. Can you feel your inner wishes?

It does not matter where you are in life or what you have done so far. Imagine your inner wishes as polite elves who are patiently waiting for their call. It does not matter if you call them after one year or after twelve years, on the contrary: Some of them might even need their time to mature and grow.

The Indian author S. Sriram has an inspiring philosophy about wishing: He says that you can fulfill every wish as long as it is not irrational (e.g. a man wants to become pregnant) or harming others (e.g. one takes the emergency lane every day to speed to work). Follow these five steps:

1. Express your wish! Everything is possible.

2. Support your wish! You can do it.

3. Be proud of your responsibility! To give is a wonderful feeling.

4. Trust your inner power! You potential is infinite.

5. Get rid of your expectations! This will set yourself free.

When we have inner wishes, our life quality will rise abruptly. Why is that so? Because we channel our concentration on things that we actually like and admire. S. Sriram phrases it in a wonderful way:

When we act upon a wish, we banish boredom, doubts and depressive thoughts. Our actions are focused and they have a clear purpose. This in turn strengthens our confidence and we notice that our wish is realistic - and that it actually might come true.

Andrea Bruchwitz


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