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Why I Wore The Same Dress At Three Weddings

When I celebrated my 27th birthday, there was a surprising turn in my life. Nope, this is not about wisdom or self-development. This is about WEDDINGS. My life went abruptly from "none of my friends are married" to "we have at least four weddings this year". Wow, how did this happen?!

Although I was in a long distance relationship between Europa and Asia, my partner and I made it all around the globe. Literally, all around the globe! There was a romantic wedding in Tuscany. Next stop: Lake Constance in Southern Germany. We flew over the ocean to Tulsa, Oklahoma (amazing, I love the states!) and back to Warsaw. So much vodka! I saw two beautiful brides getting married in a castle in North Rhine-Westphalia, oh, and Boston was also great!

I really admired the male wedding guests, because they could wear the same suit all year long and no one even cared. But wait, what is actually so bad about wearing the same dress at several weddings? It looks great on you and you spent a lot of money for it.


Do we really have to buy a new dress for every wedding we attend? Nope, because real fashion equals longevity and rarity. Fashion is a life-time phenomenon and an enduring form of expression.

I want to tell you something to prove this:

Fun-Fashion-Fact #1 Gabrielle Chanel already caused a stir at the beginning of the 20th century when she made ladies’ trousers socially acceptable and introduced the tweed blazer. If my grandmother had kept such a blazer, it would still be the highlight of my wardrobe in 2018. As you can see, true style lasts for decades.

Fun-Fashion-Fact #2 The pattern of the Lady Dior handbag is a tribute to Napoleon’s chairs in the legendary Maison Dior in Paris. Creative minds and celebrities have already taken their seats as early as the 1960s. Today the graphic pattern is more popular than ever.

I bought a Lady Dior from the late nineties – the heyday of the bag! It was in 1995 when the French President’s wife Bernadette Chirac presented a prototype to Lady Diana. The princess of Wales made it world-famous.

My point is that fashion is supposed to make history, and that takes time. This is not only about expensive designer articles, but also about personal favorites. Don’t take the magic away and reflect on your next purchase.

Let’s stop the high fluctuation in our wardrobes and wear that beautifully tailored dress again at the next wedding. The best argument ever: the bride is supposed to be the most beautiful and shining women on this day. She deserves to shine in her once-in-a-lifetime-dress <3



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