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Timeless Simplicity In Berlin: Our Favorite Summer Looks

Our Scandinavian Beauty Director Katja loves the phrase ‚Less is more‘. During our creative meetings we often wear the same outfit: a black dress in a simple design. When it comes to makeup or fashion, both of us adore gentle touches, good fabrics, and clean lines.

So let’s find a clean fashion label that celebrates the beauty of purism. How about the fabulous designer Filippa Knutsson? Founded in 1993, the label Filippa K stands for minimalist details, simplicity and high quality, defining Scandinavian fashion nowadays.

​If you don’t overload a subject with several layers, its true essence can shine through and come to the surface.

It’s all about finding balance - not only in Filippa K’s curated wardrobes, but also in regard to the environment. You can shop clothes made of recycled wool. In a special line, zippers and sewing threads are made of recycled polyester. The brand aims to be 100 % sustainable until 2030.

When you wear these soft and simple clothes, you suddenly feel at ease. No popping colors, no crazy patterns - it’s just a simple way to show off your good taste. Let’ simplify our lives!

Text: Andrea Bruchwitz. Hair & Makeup: Katja Rosasco

All clothes and accessories: Filippa K


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