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The Minimalized Outfit – One Piece, One Look

Imagine you could grab one thing from your closet, throw it over your head and suddenly wear a stunning outfit? And let’s visualize a super interesting look, with a “hashtag-ootd-instagram” potential?

It is a tempting experiment, however you have to pick something catchy. You need a statement piece that stands for itself, and not (my heart is hurting by writing the following words) a boring black dress.

Katja and I picked a dark blue HUGO BOSS jumpsuit that blends front-crease trousers with a graphic lace top section. It has a knotted belt at the waist and side slash pockets. Great stuff! You just jump into it and add a pair of strappy high heels.

Our second pick was a zebra-inspired cardigan with cropped sleeves and knitted in-seam pockets. It has a straight silhouette with a shape-retaining quality. While I suggested to combine it with black tights (yes, I love to wear black tights – even during the hottest summer months), sassy Katja suggested that I wear nothing but the coat.

Uhm… sure, why not?

The cardigan has a timeless elegance with a tint of sexiness due to its flashy pattern. If you want to wear it our way, you can just close it with two fixing pins and walk off into jungle!

Art Direction: Phillip Friis Andersen. Hair & Makeup: Katja Rosasco. Model: Andrea Bruchwitz.

Clothes: Jumpsuit “Denona” and coat “Forstena” by HUGO BOSS.


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