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Cultivate Your Self-Love: Hug and Spoil Yourself

The term "self-love" has numerous meanings, but it can be broken down to a simple definition: Accept yourself with all your characteristics and love yourself for it. It goes even further. Love yourself for those characteristics and act according to your inner voice. You can start by reflecting yourself:

Who am I?

What do I want?

How do I feel right now?

Our perception is easily manipulated by external factors: Our friends and family members have so many tips and recommendation for us. Sometimes they want to tell us how to live our lives. When you truly love yourself, you might listen to those people, but you still act according to your inner feeling. You know what is best for you.

Amplify your positive feelings

You have to get to know yourself – only then you can act according to that inner voice. Listen to your feeling. For example: It is okay to cancel a dinner with friends when you want to stay on the couch and watch Netflix. Or you don’t want to eat breakfast with "superfoods" but a white bread with nut nougat cream? If it makes you happy, it is right for you!

Many people focus too much on physical health, forgetting to pay attention to their mental health. Attention: This does not mean that you should force yourself to meditate and relax, if you do not feel like that - you can do what feels best for you. What is relaxing and liberating for you?

Five tips for more self-love

1. Be spontaneous and buy something that you really like. This can be a fragrant body milk, a new t-shirt or an exciting book. The only condition is that you do not need it; you only buy it to do treat yourself.

2. In the evening, sit down and write down three things that went well during the day. Perhaps you passed an exam, you had a good conversation or you found fresh strawberries in the supermarket? You will soon realize that there are numerous things that make you happy!

3. Make a body scan: Lay down with your eyes closed and feel your body. Where do you notice tension or pain? Do you have muscle soreness or do you feel relaxed all over your body? Be thankful that your body always carries you through the day.

4. Create a well-being ritual! If you love fresh coffee, take the time to prepare it: warm the milk, smell the scent and serve the coffee in latte macchiato glasses.

5. The sun is shining? Go outside! Take five minutes, lay in the sun and close your eyes. Enjoy the warmth on your skin. You deserve a break! From our charming guest photographer Dorothea von Frisch and Knackig

Written by adorable Dorothea from Frisch und Knackig


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