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Low Carb And Full Flavor: Our Favorite Protein Cereals

Protein-Müslis im MindfulMag

Breakfast is one of the most important meals, as the body is dried out by night sweating and needs urgent nutrients. Our organism is waiting for water, vitamins and minerals to be mentally and physically powerful.

A popular breakfast is mixed cereal, because the preparation is simple: you give the cereal mixture with a few cut fruits and (soy) milk in a bowl - finished! Dietary fiber, vitamins, protein, magnesium and valuable unsaturated fatty acids get directly into our blood and give us energy.

Ideal for the low-carb diet: protein cereals

Unfortunately, most chocolate and crispers are enriched with sweeteners and flavor enhancers. The carbohydrates are converted into sugar by the body - the blood glucose level rises. To lower the sugar level again, the body must produce insulin, which in turn inhibits fat burning and causes a "hunger feeling".

But the morning ritual does not have to be a caloric bomb: you can simply eat a carbohydrate-reduced protein muesli. We have tested different muesli varieties for you - here are the three winners.

Seitenbacher Carbs 19.0

The Müsli series Carbs 19.0 from Seitenbacher has 19 grams of carbohydrates on 100 grams of muesli - about 60 percent less than conventional products. The mixture is high in protein and fiber. Carbs 19.0 comes in three flavors: with dried raspberries (our favorite!), with strawberries or with crispy coconut chips.

Eiweiß-Müsli im Test

Provista 45% High Protein Muesli

Provistas protein muesli has only 18.4 grams of carbohydrates and is super tasty - even though it contains no artificial flavors or sweeteners. Through puffed quinoa, soy flakes (which remind us of cornflakes) and mixed soy crispies, the muesli is a taste explosion. The mixture is an ideal alternative for people who do not want to miss the taste of chocolate in the morning - the small, dried strawberry and cherry pieces also create a slightly sweet taste.

Eiweiß-Müsli im Test

Typefood protein muesli + goji berries and chia seeds

The protein-rich muesli from Typefood has a higher carbohydrate content with 35 grams, but convinces with its delicious mixture of ingredients from controlled organic cultivation. It contains saturating soya and full grain flakes, sweet cranberries and puffy amaranth. The highly praised chiasamen and gojibeera provide valuable antioxidants that protect our cells. The muesli from Typefood tastes particularly good with mixed fruit pieces in soy yoghurt.

Das beste Protein-Müsli

Our editorial team is enthusiastic - all muesli varieties are vegan and contain no preservatives. Also good to know: There are no raisins. We wish you a cozy, extended breakfast and a great week full of energy!

Andrea Bruchwitz


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