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PERLEN STATT PLUNDER - Why I Had To Write This Book

Do you know the feeling of having a little dwarf inside? This tiny guy might treat you well or he might complain about you. He could adore you or desperately shake his head. But most importantly, he has a mission: he wants you to do something that is overdue for a long time.

I had this dwarf for a while – and he wanted me to write a BOOK. I could keep him quiet for a short period because I am regularly blogging. However, my pal was dissatisfied with our compromise and he hated my ongoing laziness.

The little dwarf got louder during the last two years. He was listening to conversations I had with my friends – or even with strangers at parties – which all ended with the same outcome: ‘Thanks for this advice Andrea, you should write a book about that’.

So I realized that there are issues in our society holding us back in a negative way – and they are constantly relived and repeated by numerous human beings. You don’t know what I am talking about? Well, here is a little glance:

  • We work in tedious jobs to finance a life that is not 100% satisfying.

  • We buy clothing, electronics and furniture to embellish our lives, but those things do not shift our happiness level. As a consequence, our closets, living rooms and kitchens are overloaded with stuff we rarely use. WHY?!

  • We are longing for more love, more recognition, more success, more money, more stuff, bigger houses and faster cars. But again – why?

  • We hold on to those things although they are not adding any value to our lives. Moreover, we even hold on to people and life circumstances that are pulling us down. We are surrounded by people we don’t want to see and events we don’t want to attend.

In the midst of this clutter, between objects, things, events, circumstances, unnerving people and wrong friends, we are not able to answer the most important questions:

"This is my one and only life – how do I want to spend it? What people, attitudes and life circumstances deserve my precious attention?"

Let’s take the journey together and answer these questions. You are a wonderful human being and you deserve the best version of your life. After reading this book, you will have a different view and you will find many, many answers in your soul. Promised!

Happy reading and a few inspiring hours with me on your couch,


PS: At this moment, my book is only available in German. I will make sure that the English version of PERLEN STATT PLUNDER is released as soon as possible!



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