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No Waste In The Bathroom - 3 Tips From Our Expert

In the smallest room of the apartment we produce the largest amount of waste. Do we really need all these hygienic products and packages? These tips make it easier to avoid unnecessary garbage.

Tip 1: Reduce cosmetics and hygiene products

Lipstick No. 1, 2, 3, 4 ... stop! Consider if you really need another lipstick color. Most existing cosmetics in our bathroom are not used at all. You can also buy "More-in-1" products, such as soap for hands and showering. Solid soap is more environmental-friendly than liquid hygienic products, because it can be purchased unpacked or wrapped in paper. Another tip: Sunflower oil is wonderful for cleansing; coconut oil is ideal for skin care.

Tip 2: Think about reusable alternatives

When we remove our make-up, we throw at least two cotton pads into the trash can. There are multipath alternatives that are much more resource-conserving. Washable cotton pads or sponges can be bought in the drugstore market - or you can sew the pads from old washcloths or microfaster cloths. A helpful guide for sewing make-up pads is available here.

A woman consumes on average 17,000 tampons in her life, which are all individually packaged in plastic. You can switch to menstrual cups - they are available online and in drugstores. Most cups are made of medical silicone or TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomers) and have no effect on the vaginal flora.

Tip 3: Avoid plastic in the bathroom

Plastics is a huge problem for our environment: It is produced from crude oil which is becoming increasingly scarce, and the material is not biodegradable. Apart from packaging plastic, microplastics is also an enormous problem. The plastic particles are smaller than 5 millimeters; they are found in peels, toothpaste, make-up or shower gel. They penetrate our water and harm the ecosystem. In order to avoid microplasticity, the transition to certified natural cosmetics with organic ingredients helps.

For toothbrushes (plastic-wrapped plastic) there are more sustainable alternatives such as bamboo, the fastest renewable resource in the world. Bamboo has antibacterial properties - and looks stylish!

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