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Minimalism And Luxury – How Does That Work?

Unfortunately, the concept of a minimalist lifestyle has a polarizing image problem because it has been discussed in so many different ways in books, blogs and documentaries. Many people imagine cold rooms and badly dressed people who somehow find joy in depriving themselves and making the rest of us feel bad.


No worries, this is the complete opposite of the concept of minimalism I present to you because it’s time to make minimalism positive again and combine minimalism with aesthetics.

This aesthetic variable is greatly underestimated in minimalism today. The (few) objects that you allow in your life can be carefully selected, highly aesthetic, graceful and very valuable. Your living room will look super elegant when a nice piece of furniture is placed in the center of the room – and when it doesn’t disappear under stacked folders and last week’s mail.

This mindful selection is exactly what I mean by aesthetic minimalism. In my living room you can find a small card with a quote from Oscar Wilde:

“Let me be surrounded by luxury. I can do without the necessities!”

Think about the luxury that YOU want to surround yourself with. Define what you adore and what you don’t really need in your life.

You see, true luxury has nothing to do with a large bank account and superficial attitude. Your personal luxury is everything that brings a smile to your face.

These are objects, people and living conditions you consciously choose to surround yourself with.

So make room for only the most beautiful things. Learn how to integrate aesthetic minimalism in your life – in a simple way. I can promise you one thing: your life will be so much more relaxed!



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