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Reach Your Goals And Make It Happen - A Short Guide

It’s constantly knocking on your inner door, saying ‚Hello, I am still here’. Do you have this thing that is pressuring you? Be careful! The best ideas disappear if we wait too long and bombard them with doubts and questions. We can kill our best instincts by overthinking. If you want to start something new, don't look at the coin from all sides and angles. Make a simple plan and just start.

1. Eliminate your fears

Are you afraid to make the first step? Take a pen and write down all your pressuring thoughts. It is extremely relieving to phrase your fears - if you look at them in written letters, they do not look as bad as in your mind. You’ll see that you can handle them.

2. Divide the goal in subgoals

Make a to-do-list and look at your goal as a summary of baby steps. So let’s phrase those mini-steps, in a simple but pointy way. What do you need to do and in which order? The first step is going to be so simple and easy - it will be done in no time.

3. Find a 'partner in crime'

You have tried everything on your own so far - and apparently it hasn't worked out perfectly. Find a ‚feedback partner’ and ask him or her to be your adviser. It could be a good friend, a family member or a teacher. Ask your partner for an honest opinion on a regular basis and reflect your progress. As humans, we tend to over- or underestimate our abilities. Your team partner will offer a new, fresh perspective.

4. Report your progress

Organize yourself with Bullet Journalling to keep your documents clean and updated. Visualize your goals with regular check-ups and use a well-structured calendar. You might also read from experts how they have subdivided, organized and achieved their goals.

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