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Love List - Chanel & Cheesecake

When I was asked to write a love list for Lady Blog, I was thrilled to share my most beloved things! Daniela is an inspiring Munich based blogger – and how could one not adore her blog mantra preppy, traditional, classy. However, I wrote a book about minimalism and basically tell people not to surround themselves with too much unnecessary stuff. So this was a true challenge because I had to ask myself: What are my most precious clothes that I use for several years? What are my most favored treats that I could not live without? Well, here is my precious selection!

Black dresses from Hallhuber

Whether we talk about short or long sleeves: I have been wearing black dresses for years. The high-quality designs from Hallhuber are always a reliable top-to-bottom-outfit. The Munich-based company obliges its suppliers to produce under ethically and ecologically correct conditions.

Princess Cheesecake

This is literally the BEST cheesecake in Berlin - and I live right around the corner! Check it out on Fridays when Princess Cheesecake offers the "Champagne & Cheesecake" special. The handmade cakes are baked from organic ingredients without any chemical additives or preservatives. The majority of their organic ingredients comes from farmers in this area - that's an ecological use of nature's resources!

Blouses by Anne Fontaine

Anne Fontaine's finely crafted blouses leave me speechless! I had the honor to show the most adorable designs several times as a model for them. What can I say, this French label is just the love of my life.

Vintage Handbags

Each fashion item is unique and tells its own story. I love worn vintage articles and cherish longevity in fashion. My hottest catch was a CHANEL bag from the eighties on Vestiaire Collective.

Miss Dior

Some things will never change... I've been using this flowery perfume for ages! When friends accidentally sniff my Miss Dior somewhere, I always get WhatsApp messages such as "Ohhh, I just had to think about you! I miss you!". What a lovely precious all-rounder!

FALKE tights

The perfect match for my black dresses: comfy black tights from FALKE! They last several years and replace thousands of disposable tights. My hottest favorite at the moment is their black "Kintsugi" with golden details - the design is inspired by Japanese craftsmanship to repair broken ceramics with gold lacquer.

You can find the whole love list here. Feel free to ask me about further details or where I shop those products. Happy reading and an amazing day <3




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