Spotted: Glamorous Theatrical Makeup By Kryolan


Professional makeup artists have been using the beauty label Kryolan for decades. The Berlin-based family business was founded in 1945 - and every single product is manufactured in Kryolan's own factory. The label is very famous in the theater industry, but we were curious: Is it also possible to create a shining glamour makeup? 



Et voilà: Our experimental beauty editorial "Complimentary Complexion"



Eyes: HD Living Color in Copper and Indigolite, Eyebrows: Eyebrow Powder Palette, Lips: Lipstick Sheer in Diane



We got inspired by the glamorous feeling of the big theaters, with their shining lights and beautiful colors. The stage is known for big moments, emotions, freedom and the re-invention of the self.  





Eyebrows: HD Cream Liner in Ebony, HD Living Color in Copper and Indigolite



In the beginning, Kryolan was well-known for products such as artificial blood, body color and nose modeling material. However, the brand was discovered by the glamorous beauty industry. In 2015, Kryolan was official partner of the Bambi Awards





Lips: HD Living Color in Copper and Indigolite, Eyebrows: Eyebrow Powder Palette 



We had a great time with the fabulous fashion photographer Sabine Grodd. During the shooting, everyone could feel something magical: Makeup is almost an arty way to express yourself. You can compare the brush strokes of a makeup artist with the work of a flemish painter or a passionate writer.  





Eyes: HD Living Color in Copper, Lips: Lipstick Matt in Athena



Make-up artist Silvia from Beauté en vue fell in love with the glittering pigments HD Living Color. Yes, we all know that there is not always a reason to laugh and shine - sometimes you need to create your own reason and just go with the creative flow!




Andrea Bruchwitz



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