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Declutter Your Home Before Christmas: Things You’ll Never Use

Declutter your home: Decluttering tips for your apartment

Do you host a wonderful Christmas party in your own apartment this year? Or do you take the train home to celebrate with your family? Whatever your plans are - it is time to declutter your living space before Christmas!

Here are 10 decluttering tips that you can easily apply any day after work!

1. Old keys

You will find all kinds of keys in your key box - for old bicycle locks, letterboxes (which happen to be in another country!) and garden shelters that do not even exist anymore. Toss them, you will never ever use them again!

2. Instruction manuals and owner’s handbooks

In 2018, you can google in a few seconds how to program your smart TV or how to use your waffle iron. Get rid of unnecessary instruction sheets!

3. DVD sleeves

The plastic packaging of DVDs takes up an incredible amount of space. Collect your DVDs in a DVD folder and store it in your cabinet.

4. Obsolete cables and attachments

Yes, we all remember the age of analog cameras and prehistoric telephones with dial plates. Although we do not use ninety-nine percent of electronic accessories anymore, we own so many old cable reels, plugs, remote controls and batteries. Toss!

5. Lookalikes and doubles

Do you really need 300 ballpoint pens in different shades of blue? Do you use six different hairbrushes? Throw those things or give them to Charity!

6. Solitary Singles

This concept also works the other way around! Toss all items that are not usable without their 'better half', such as single socks, cuffs, gloves, earrings... and even incomplete board and card games!

Tip: Those who find it difficult to get rid of their belongings can apply Colleen Madsen’s 365 trick. The blogger gives away one item each day - that makes 365 items a year!

7. Medicine and cosmetics

Check out your medicine cabinet! You will realize that most pills are already expired or not even identifiable, and you will find unsanitary items such as used nasal spray or open eye drops. The same goes for your cosmetic storage - throw away old mascaras and kajal pencils to prevent eye infections.

8. Old magazines

I don’t read these magazines now, but I might need them for my next train ride…!?

Does this sound familiar? Let us be honest, you will get a new magazine for that mystical, future train ride. As soon as you have flipped through a magazine and read the important articles, you won’t touch it anymore.

9. Greeting cards

Greeting cards are a heartwarming gesture because they display loving words on birthdays, weddings and other special occasions. However, the act of receiving and reading those well-meant words is their final purpose! Do not store any written phrases unless there is a memorable photo on the card.

10. Accessories from past live periods

Life changes every day, and there are many things that you will never ever use again. Get rid of outdated business cards, old glasses or contact lenses, belts that are too small, or shoes that you had to wear for a certain job.

You will enjoy the new space in your home! Decluttering your home means that you only keep the beautiful and truly meaningful objects!

Merry Christmas,



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