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Glamorize Your Everyday Life - Win A Sparkling iPhone Case

My favorite author Eckhart Tolle once said: “Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have. Make the NOW the primary focus of your life.” Unfortunately, we tend to oversee all those precious little moments. We rush from one appointment to another and always focus on ‘the next big thing’. Trick question: What actually is the 'next big thing' if there is an infinite loop of next big things?

Katja and I want to share a little trick with you that reminds us of the present moment during a stressful daily routine. Let’s think about all the stuff that you literally see EVERY DAY and take for granted. Make a list of those inconspicuous objects surrounding you – and replace them with glamorous equivalents. Life is about the little things, so let’s make them outstandingly amazing!

I picked a few things that I consciously or subconsciously see every single day. First thing in the morning, I grab my jacket and my phone, so let's start with that!

Tip 1: Wear a metallic jacket and enjoy all the compliments

I spotted this precious little jacket by Carolina Herrera in a sample sale - it was spring 2010 in New York. Wherever you go, keep your eyes open for vintage markets and sample sales. When you are lucky, you'll find a golden treasure that you can wear for the next 20 years. Let's choose quality over quantitiy!

Tip 2: Glamorize your phone with a shining case

As a little gift for you, we raffle two sparkling iPhone cases by mycase 24 - for you and your best friend! Check out this Instagram post and choose between gold, silver and rose.

Tip 3: Create sparkling eyes – you'll see them at least five times a day!

Let's be honest: You look in the mirror EVERY time when you go to the bathroom. In my case, that is at least 30 times a day. Add some glimmer to your eyes! It will create a short "wow moment" and put an instant smile on your face.

Tip 4: Beautify your home with a glamorous accesories

We spotted some glamorous accessories for your home and promise you: When you see or grab these things, you happiness level will rise. Celebrate your little moments and realize that life is not that bad. You are our superstar and a magical person - you deserve a sparkling life full of gold rushes!

Doormat "Star" via

Notebook "Lovely Blossoms" via

Compact styler "Gold rush" via Tangle Teezer

We wish you a golden day full of shiny moments!

Katja & Andrea

Art Direction: Phillip Friis Andersen. Hair & Makeup: Katja Rosasco. Model: Andrea Bruchwitz.


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