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The Model In The Magazine Is An Illusion

When we flip through magazines or shop in fashion malls, we see numerous 'perfect' photographies. However, we tend to forget that these ad campaigns are only a retouched ideal. There was a strategic marketing team behind each photo, creating this image in a time-consuming process.

This is not a judgement. On the contrary, every magazine and every fashion house should be able to show their very own vision of beauty. However, the observer has to be aware of the creation process behind the photo. Let's have a closer look: How do they create such a perfect image?

How is the model transformed into an ad campaign?

Imagine a young woman who always makes sure she has as healthy diet. She is sporty and concerned about her outward appearance. This women is transformed by a professional team of makeup artists and hair stylists: They put makeup on her, dye her hair and blow-dry it for several hours. Next step: The shooting! The photographer and his assistants create a perfect lighting atmosphere and ideal shooting conditions. They won't allow a weird shadow or an unflattering pose; every 20-30 minutes the makeup artists jumps between the model and the camera to refresh the model's face and hair.

Anja's natural beauty

Anja in the media

Usually, it is a long day for everyone. However, when the shooting is finally over, the actual work just begins. The photographer retouches and embellishes the photo for several hours or even days. When it is a big beauty campaign, he even zooms in and touches every single pixel. It's all about creating an amazing photo.

Paula's natural beauty

Paula in the media

Consequently, the model might not even recognize herself in the magazine. Keep this phrase in mind: The girl in the magazine doesn’t even look like the girl in the magazine. The final photography is the result of a very long process. It is an artwork, created by many professionals working together hand in hand. Surely this image is a piece of art, but it has nothing to do with reality.

The created beauty has never exited

We should not believe that "true beauty" looks like this - the media only shows us a very monotone version of artificial beauty. We have to reflect the process while we look at these campaigns. Let's honor the stunning photographies and call a spade a spade: They are artificially created like a delicate piece of art. A lot of intense work, sweat and passion was put into them.

My natural look

Me in the media

Every single women around us has as vast number of facets, in a thousand different life situations, and in every single second she is beautiful. It does not matter if she is sleeping on the couch, if she is making love, running to the train or stumbling home after a party night. She unites myriads of undefinable beauty nuances.

Erika's natural beauty

Erika in the media

Those amazing photos in the media are not a realistic benchmark for beauty. Yes, the people might look very interesting and admirable - but they have actually never even existed.

Andrea Bruchwitz

A big THANK YOU to my friends Paula @drapeslacenspace, Erika @erikaranhagen and Anja @anja_cairo


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