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To Forgive Or Not To Forgive, That Is The Question

There are some things that you just can't forgive. Do you know the feeling of being hurt so badly that you are unable to say "It’s okay"? Time is passing but you just have to hold on to it.

There's a simple reason why you should forgive even the worst incident and let go of this bad feeling. Why? Well, because you are the only one who can feel it. No one else suffers and carries out all those inner battles –- except for you!

Learn to forgive other people in order to free yourself from negative feelings. It may be difficult but you have to forgive to free yourself. Even if the other person has not apologized or is no longer alive, you have to let go of the resentment at some point. Ease your soul!

If you cannot tell the other person what you feel, write a letter. You do not have to send it – you can store it, show it to a good friend or destroy it. Describe in detail how you feel and what was so hurtful. Get rid of your anger!

At the end of the letter, explain that you forgive this person:

Yet I forgive you because I no longer want to live in anger and fear.

I forgive you because I'm releasing myself.

I can forgive you because you may not have seen any other solution. I forgive you because I want to let you go.

Write down the words and let go of the heavy knots of pain, sadness and anger. Write down everything that has accumulated inside of you.

You're a wonderful person who deserves a lighthearted life. And you are a very strong person, so wish your tormentor a Bon Voyage!

Andrea Bruchwitz


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