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Pure Nature With Pastel Tones: TREAT LOVE & COLOR By Essie

essie Nagellack im Test

Essie Weingarten has been creating her colorful nail polish for more than 30 years now. Her international beauty label essie has countless (!) color nuances, which are super resistent. Even the royals love essie: Queen Elizabeth uses a delicate pink tone.

But not every woman looks for eye-catching colors such as "really red" or "too too hot". The reason: It can be stressful to match your shoes and accessories to your nails. Many women prefer a natural, slightly shimmering tone. We have tested the new line TREAT LOVE & COLOR.

TREAT LOVE & COLOR by essie: treat me bright, tinted love, sheers to you, laden-dearly (v.l).

The application is done easily with the round shaped brush. After one round, you have soft, shiny nails. The lacquer dries quickly and covers everything - a second overcoating is not necessary.

Do you have brittle nails? The formula protects them from dryness due to camellia extract.

The favorite color of the editorial team is the pastel pink "sheers to you". For the toenails the tone "treat me bright" is perfect, because it gives a gentle brightness and the feet look very well-groomed. After a week the lacquer still looks the same - we are enchanted!

For transparency: the maintenance lacquers were provided free of charge for testing, but this is not paid cooperation. You can be sure that this product test reflects our independent opinion.


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