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5 Reasons Why Water Makes You Even More Beautiful

Water is the elixir of life: the human body consists of up to 70 percent of the crystalline element and needs about two to three liters every day. We often forget that water is not only vital to survival, but also a true beauty ensemble.

Reason 1: You are free of toxins

When you drink a lot of water, you detoxify your body. The reason: the kidneys filter about 1,500 liters of blood a day to remove toxins and acid from the organism. The toxins are derived via the urine - for this "transport" the body needs enough liquid. This cleansing not only leads to taller skin, but also to whiter, brighter eyes.

Reason 2: You're getting slimmer

A study carried out by Charité in Berlin has proved that the body burns about 50 calories for every half liter of water - that is half a chocolate bar. The basic turnover of the body thus increases without having to do anything for it. In addition, a large glass of water before each meal leads to a feeling of saturation.

Reason 3: You are more focused

It has been shown that students who drink a lot of water during a final examination are performing better. When brain cells are hydrogenated, performance and concentration are increased. No fatigue, no headaches!

Reason 4: You stay "cool"

When the body temperature rises, our sweat puts a cooling moisture film on the skin surface. For this regulation, the liquid dispensed must be replaced by drunk water. Especially on hot days you have to increase your water consumption significantly.

Reason 5: You stay young

When the facial skin is dehydrated, the dryness creates rapid cracks and small wrinkles. The complexion looks stale, the skin color around the eyes becomes darker. Drinking enough water prevents skin irritation and you look younger. A full water bottle is a true fountain!

In the morning, place a filled water bottle on your desk and refill at least once during the day.

Andrea Bruchwitz


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