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Think Positive? Forget It And Think Constructive!

Let us accept this simple truth: if you feel bad, you feel bad! It would be ridiculous to put on a fake smile when you don’t feel like smiling. What is the point of suppressing your feelings? Your worries will only sprout like weeds in other areas of your life. You might not recognize them immediately, but your suppressed emotions might cause disorders and fears.

It is fundamentally important that you listen to your feelings and don’t develop a fake personality. Are you often depressed and sad after work? There is a reason for it – and it applies to all areas of life. If you are exhausted after quarreling with your partner or always get sick before important exams, you have to ask for the reason. Why you are feeling this way and when did you feel like this for the first time? What could be the root cause for your emotions?

Once you’ve noticed your irritation and paid attention to it, there are two possibilities:

1. You crawl into a black burrow and never come out again.

2. You admit that something is wrong in your life and talk to a family member, a trusted friend or a therapist.

Once you open your mouth and speak about your painful thoughts, they are usually no so threatening anymore. You should never ignore your doubts, desires and fears. Why? Because even dark emotions have a certain energy that accumulates inside of you. If this energy cannot flow outwards, it will eventually make damages inside of you. The consequences are physical and mental illnesses.


Of course it is important to focus on the good aspects of your life. However, you cannot force yourself to be positive. There is a small but subtle difference between useless nagging and reflecting your emotions. It is quite simple: you can apply the credo THINK POSITIVE when a glass breaks into a thousand pieces or when a well-planned dinner is burnt in the oven. We all know these horrible situations: a raw egg splashes on the floor, the front door key is locked inside the apartment and a time-consuming Power Point presentation has disappeared. All in one day. Think positive!

In these situations it is indeed helpful to pull yourself together. Stop nagging about the bad weather, it will only get you in a worse mood. Accept that you can’t change these circumstances right now.

However, if something bad happens on your emotional level, you need to turn your attention to it. Otherwise the pain will get worse and your mental health deteriorates. THINK POSITIVE? No way! For all emotional issues – from painful separations to tearful arguments with your mother – the credo THINK CONSTRUCTIVE is much better.

Andrea Bruchwitz


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