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Decluttering Tip Of The Week: MAILBOX – CHECK – TRASH

No matter what day it is, my daily mail is a wild mixture of brochures, advertising letters and random information about the city church. Yup, this happens although I have a huge label saying, “Please no advertising”.

There is a simple trick to avoid horrendous piles of letters and brochures. When I collect my daily mail, I carry it straight to the waste paper. I hardly keep any of my letters and stick to the following routine when collecting my mail: Mailbox – Check – Trash.

Important documents such as invoices or insurance documents end up in my to-do-drawer. I handle this stuff on the weekend.

What you carry into your home has to go out again

Another tip that keeps my apartment tidy: I established the ONE-BAG-RULE. When you bring a big bag of new clothes home, you have to fill the same (!) bag with items you can spare. Sell or donate these items. This is the first step towards an easier life.

Do you want to read more about decluttering your life? Check out my German book PERLEN STATT PLUNDER on Amazon! No worries, the English version is coming up soon!


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