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Oh Dear! How My Relationship Influences My “Cosmopolitan Skin”

I bet you heard the following sentence from a friend or colleague recently: “I am so stressed out… my skin is killing me.” When we feel unsatisfied, pressured or emotionally troubled, our skin is one of the first revelators. So, what do most people do in these cases? Instead of listening to their bodies, they tend to complain about it (yup, me as well!) and try to cover up pimples and red areas with makeup. People love to take medication against headaches and ignore the first signals of a flue by taking pills that cover up the syndromes.

I am guilty as charged! When I get off an airplane after an 18-hour-flight from Asia, my skin is full of irritations. In fact, my skin is so sensitive that I get red marks on my face and neck when I unconsciously scratch myself. My body cannot stand these long flights and speaks to me – in the only language both of us can understand!

So I frequently get bad skin and insomnia as a punishment for my long flights to Relationship-Neverland. A little side remark from my side: Isn’t it crazy what some people do for love? Who are these crazy people?!

Then I realized one thing: instead of powdering my face after landing and rushing to the office, I should make sure that my skin is perfectly protected and “immunized” against this exotic lifestyle. It is easier said than done, and sometimes one has to make compromises.

Solutions for sensitive "cosmopolitan skin"

Here is an example: I don’t want to break up with my boyfriend (sorry, skin!) and I don’t want to miss cozy gatherings with wine and chips (again sorry, skin!). That is why I need high-quality skincare that is as smooth and pure as possible. Give me a cream with too much fragrances, chemicals or animal ingredients and I look like somebody was torturing me all day. This is why keep looking for organic cosmetic brands that are as close to nature as possible.

Since almost every product has a green packaging these days, I prefer cosmetics with trustful certificates. Most importantly, I am a vegetarian and don't want any animal products or cosmetics that were tested on rabbits in my bathroom. Organizations such as The Vegan Society or Cruelty Free make sure that this is the case. The NaTrue label specifies which ingredients are allowed in a natural or organic product.

One of my favorite brands that is purely plant-based and animal friendly is STUDIO BOTANIC. You might have seen their minimalistic black-and-white packaging recently on Instagram or on other beauty blogs.

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The German manufacturer creates vegan cosmetic products made of natural raw ingredients. Although their new Cold Cream is primarily made for hands & body, I use it for my face as well. I have to admit that I unknowingly started using it as a face cream, and now I cannot live without it anymore.

The white cream is made of olive oil, vegan wax, shea butter as well as avocado and peppermint oil. You can also smell a delicate hint of rose flower extract that has a calming and regenerating effect.

After applying it, the formula sinks into the skin and leaves a moist, saturated feeling – with a matte and non-shiny surface!? I was surprised and delighted about that!

When I remove my makeup in the evening, I can even feel that it gets off easier because there is a moist film under it.

My body is a temple - no toxins allowed anymore!

There is no replacement copy of our body, so we should cherish the existing one and avoid “dirty” products with paraffin, plasticisers, mineral oils or aluminum salts. As I said: I am guilty as charged!

However, I made the decision to pamper myself as much as I can from now onward. Even if that means sitting in an airplane with thick layers of smoothening vegan cream all over my face and body. The vegan wax increases the skin’s natural protective function – my “cosmopolitan” skin is very happy about that!

Thanks, my beloved cold cream! Probably you saved my never ending distance relationship!



Try it yourself and let me know what you think! You can read more about my new favorite cream here.

PS: This is a sponsored article by STUDIO BOTANIC, but I only write about cosmetics that I personally like and really use on a regular basis <3


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