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The History Of Braids – Inspiration For Your Next Hairstyle

It’s amazing when you have a Scandinavian blog partner who is passionate about styling – and who has worked for the most renowned hair salons in Berlin and Copenhagen. So imagine adorable Katja saying “Let’s do braids, it’s a big trend in Copenhagen” with her Danish accent… I was thrilled!

When I dived into the topic, I realized that braid styles have been around for thousands of years. Human tribes have knotted their hair already 25,000 years ago. Back then, braids could identify a person’s age, religion or social status.

We all know the art of ancient Egypt with its sculptures and paintings full of braided figures. The Egyptians decorated their braids with jewels and beads. This was not only about fashion: Their braids cooled the head in the burning desert heat and protected the hair.

Blouse "Ecrin" and skirt "Eky" by Anne Fontaine, shoes by Hugo Boss, bag by Chanel

As the millenniums passed, people got more creative: Ancient Greeks decorated their up-do’s with small braids; the Celts added ribbons and ornaments to their creations.

During the Roman Empire and the middle ages of Europe, women with elaborate hair styles demonstrated their high social status. Those grandiose creations took hours and were full of twists and braids.

Katja and I created different braid variations and messed them up different degrees. We contrasted the hair with super elegant blouses and dresses by our favorite French designer Anne Fontaine, which we have already featured for our baroque inspired outfits. Anne's clothes are made for me with all the delicate applications, valances, ruffles, and flounces.

Dress "Carissa" by Anne Fontaine, bag by Zara, shoes by Stuart Weitzman, sunglassses by Chanel

It is evident that braids demonstrated beauty, power and elegance in human history. What we love most about them: Nowadays, everyone can wear braids! You don’t have to be married to a Roman emperor or be born in a royal family. You are an equal women in 2017, so feel free to do whatever you want, whenever you want it and wherever you want. We are cheering to you!

By the way, our favorite was the last variation - we call it "Extreme Mess". Try it out and send us your pics. We are excited!

Katja & Andrea

Blouse "Celeste" and skirt "Etoile" by Anne Fontaine, shoes by Stuart Weitzman


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