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My New Book: The Truth Behind Pearls of Power

I am excited to announce that my English book Pearls Of Power: Decluttering Your Mind, Body & Soul is available on Amazon. As always with big dreams in life, the finished book is just the sparkling tip of a giant iceberg. Do you wonder what is underneath that beautiful rock on the surface? If you are looking for a light-hearted Instagrammy attitude, please stop reading now!

Done? Great! Let me tell you what it really felt like to publish Pearls Of Power. Since the book is all about decluttering your outer and inner life, you can imagine that I am quite a tidy person. When you write and translate a book with a tendency of being detail-obsessed, you have to be careful that it won’t eat you alive. If you wrote a master thesis at university or finished a long-term project in your job, you might know this feeling. You are motivated and you want to achieve the best possible result, but you are in a loop: excitement, happiness, doubts, excitement, happiness, doubts…

This book was a long process and above all, it taught me to be patient. I learned that sometimes you have to sit down, work slowly through your to-do list and calmly put one “check” after another.


This project taught me that you cannot force things when they don’t feel right. Whenever you are drawn into something completely, it’s important that you take a step back every now and then.

“Should I stop translating and get some rest now-- or is this just my sneaky weaker self that wants to watch Netflix and eat popcorn?” More than once, it was very hard for me to answer that question.

Although cookies and red wine helped a lot, I still have to admit that it was a huge step to create my own “baby”. While it’s a book for me, it might be a university degree or a career goal for you. It might be your own hairdressing salon, your profitable marketing agency or your macaroon shop, your life dream or your desired journey.

Getting closer to your desire is a constant process of committing yourself to a task that feels bigger than you. Although this is exactly why it feels so incredibly right and why one keeps going, I have to say that it can hurt sometimes and that it pushes you to your limits. Creating your own baby is a wild mixture of excitement, doubts, happiness, sleep-deprivation, perseverance and self-motivation.

However, the biggest challenge for me was to LET MY BABY GO every now and then, to loosen my tight grip and let things grow organically. It was a tightrope act that most people only can master when they get older. Yup, there is no way I could have written and translated a book in my early twenties. I simply wasn’t there yet (to all twenty-somethings: maybe you are there already, because every life journey has its own pace).

So much gratitude in my heart

Today I look at my baby and I am left with nothing but deep gratitude. This gratitude goes all around the world…

… to my dedicated US author Courtney in Oklahoma, who combed through the content finely and embellished my non-native English.

… to my beloved Abby in New Jersey, who patiently told me that random German metaphors about shimmering bird feather don’t make sense in English.

… to my friend Henry in London, who transformed my thoughts into a book cover that just felt like “me”.

… to all friends and strangers who texted me that they felt freed or relieved after reading my German book, who recommended the book to friends, or who wrote to me that they had already tossed some stuff after reading the first 20 pages.

Mostly I am grateful that I can share some advice with all of you. As everyone else I have my weaknesses and dark phases (go ahead and ask my poor boyfriend!), but topics such as tidiness, organization and getting stuff done are definitely not on that list. So I took my time, sat down and tried to share this strength with you.

That was the story – I sat down and wrote Pearls of Power. This act reveals the key message of my book: nobody else is buying you a lottery ticket to create your perfect life. You have to develop your own vision and work steadily in that direction. In the end, you always have to stand up for yourself. And if one single person in the United States, Singapore, Great Britain, Denmark or any other English speaking country just feels a bit lighter, freed or more independent after reading my book, I will be the happiest woman on earth.

I know so many people who have dreams and ambitions but their lives are still too cluttered – emotionally or physically. When they feel unhappy, they go shopping, and after a few hours that hurting feeling comes back. We should get rid of those burdens to live our best life.

If you don’t know how to do that, I might have an idea....

Happy reading,


Read the first few pages for free on here on Amazon and let me know your thoughts!


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