Most people have certain priorities when visiting Spain. Madrid and Barcelona are the most famous cities. And when people look for beach or offshore destinations, the search usually boils down to Ibiza and the Canary Islands. It’s perfectly fair that all of these places represent Spanish highlights, because they’re all incredible. The country has plenty of other great destinations though, and Mala...

“I am quite good at coping with this long-distance relationship”, I can hear myself mumbling while I grab my suitcase from the luggage belt. I terribly hurt my knee. Ouch! It is Tuesday morning at 8.45 am and I just got off a 16-hour-flight from Singapore to Berlin. And yes, I talk to myself in public! Probably because I have a sleep deficit…

I drag my luggage home, smear some makeup in my face and...

Imagine you watch a young father and his little daughter playing in a pool area. Suddenly the father jumps into the water and opens his arms widely but the little two-year-old is hesitating. The girl cannot swim at all. She is confused by this shiny blue surface and by all the weird noises that her dad is making. Her father keeps on making wild gestures that she should jump into his arms. He tries...

I am excited to announce that my English book Pearls Of Power: Decluttering Your Mind, Body & Soul is available on Amazon. As always with big dreams in life, the finished book is just the sparkling tip of a giant iceberg. Do you wonder what is underneath that beautiful rock on the surface? If you are looking for a light-hearted Instagrammy attitude, please stop reading now!

Done? Great! Let me tell...

Unfortunately, the concept of a minimalist lifestyle has a polarizing image problem because it has been discussed in so many different ways in books, blogs and documentaries. Many people imagine cold rooms and badly dressed people who somehow find joy in depriving themselves and making the rest of us feel bad.


No worries, this is the complete opposite of the concept of minimalism I pres...

Let us accept this simple truth: if you feel bad, you feel bad! It would be ridiculous to put on a fake smile when you don’t feel like smiling. What is the point of suppressing your feelings? Your worries will only sprout like weeds in other areas of your life. You might not recognize them immediately, but your suppressed emotions might cause disorders and fears.

It is fundamentally important that...

No matter what day it is, my daily mail is a wild mixture of brochures, advertising letters and random information about the city church. Yup, this happens although I have a huge label saying, “Please no advertising”.

There is a simple trick to avoid horrendous piles of letters and brochures. When I collect my daily mail, I carry it straight to the waste paper. I hardly keep any of my letters and s...

When I celebrated my 27th birthday, there was a surprising turn in my life. Nope, this is not about wisdom or self-development. This is about WEDDINGS. My life went abruptly from "none of my friends are married" to "we have at least four weddings this year". Wow, how did this happen?!

Although I was in a long distance relationship between Europa and Asia, my partner and I made it all around the glo...

Do you know the feeling of having a little dwarf inside? This tiny guy might treat you well or he might complain about you. He could adore you or desperately shake his head. But most importantly, he has a mission: he wants you to do something that is overdue for a long time.

I had this dwarf for a while – and he wanted me to write a BOOK. I could keep him quiet for a short period because I am regul...

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