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MINDFUL MAG is all about beauty, wellbeing, self-love, meditation, sports and healthy food. Do you want to work with us? Wonderful! We would love to hear about your ideas! Please keep in mind that we only show products that match our philosophy!


Sponsored Posts & Advertorials

We are happy to hear your suggestions - let’s make the reader’s soul smile! If you are also interested in Andrea’s modeling sedcard, please feel free to check it out via


Product Tests

Is there a product that we absolutely have to see? Whether it is mascara, stockings or a retreat: We write an elaborate article about your product and tease it via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Attention: Be prepared to hear the truth. We do not recommend unsatisfying products.


Long-term Cooperations

We love to work over a longer period with labels that have the same approach towards fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Send your inquiries and your ideas to We will get back to you as soon as possible!

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