Apparently, we have a new calculation of time and live in the year 1 A.C. now (A.C. = After Corona Outbreak). A couple of weeks ago my boyfriend and I travelled through Denmark, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Austria. We ate sushi in crowded restaurants and met new friends in cafés, bars and public parks. I never thought nostalgia could arise so fast, but it feels like a different life now. Nowad...

There could not be a better time to write this article. Do you want to know what I am doing? I am staring at a blank page. Here is what I should do: working on a freelance assignment for a client. I am freelancing full-time for more than four months now. It was in August 2019 when I quit my “safe” agency job in Berlin and left my whole life behind. With a handful of clients from previous jobs, two...

There are some things that are hard to forgive. Do you know the feeling of holding on to your frustration because you just can't let go? Weeks and months go by, but the pain is rooted deeply inside of you.

However, there is a simple reason why you should forgive even the most horrible incident and let go of that hurting feeling – no one but you is still aware of it! No other person is suffering but...

From a biological point of view, women have reached their physical peak at the age of 25. From this year onwards, the body continuously decomposes. Ouch!

Most of the women I know HATE getting older. Why? Well, because the beauty of youth seems to fade away and all those young, promising candidates are showing up in the office. Additionally, every tiny life step is evaluated in direct relation to a...

I am travelling a lot these days. I am sitting in a plane to Denmark right now, although I just came back from Asia last week. It felt so good to be back in Berlin for a few days. I needed to breathe in the dirty air. I needed to see this wild mixture of crazy people, great outfits, street dirt, hipsterism, made-up beauty, new trends, baroque architecture and grey buildings. I could dwell in that...

I am always a little anxious when it comes to letting things go. It's so hard to accept the essence of transience: The thought of death is terrible, and I don't want to lose everything at some point. Do you know these kinds of worries?

How can I ever release people I truly love? How can I love them when I know that I (might) have to let them go some day?

I'm so hurt that I can never forgiv...

When I was asked to write a love list for Lady Blog, I was thrilled to share my most beloved things! Daniela is an inspiring Munich based blogger – and how could one not adore her blog mantra preppy, traditional, classy. However, I wrote a book about minimalism and basically tell people not to surround themselves with too much unnecessary stuff. So this was a true challenge because I had to ask my...

I bet you heard the following sentence from a friend or colleague recently: “I am so stressed out… my skin is killing me.” When we feel unsatisfied, pressured or emotionally troubled, our skin is one of the first revelators. So, what do most people do in these cases? Instead of listening to their bodies, they tend to complain about it (yup, me as well!) and try to cover up pimples and red areas wi...

With numerous books, articles and even documentaries on the topic, minimalism has become quite a trend. But why? It’s simple: we are experiencing information overload. Everyone is constantly bombarded with content from the moment they wake up in the morning until that last scroll through Instagram before bed. And with targeted advertising getting better and better (and creepier) every day, our liv...

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